Van Vuuren Bros.

Writer / Director

The Van Vuuren Bros are the creative team behind viral hits such as The Fully Sick Rapper, Bondi Hipsters and Kid in Cockpit, which have collectively received more than 11 million hits worldwide. Connor completed film school at UTS, and is also an experienced actor and stunt performer who has worked on productions such as Alien: Covenant, The Wolverine and The Hobbit. Christiaan, however, moved into filmmaking after being told he had tuberculosis and was confined to a hospital room for six months, where he created a series of viral videos based on his online alter ego, The Fully Sick Rapper.

Together, the Van Vuuren Bros have since created work for a range of Australian television networks. Their first attempt at a long form narrative, entitled SICK!, aired on MTV and earned them a 2012 ADG Award nomination for Best Direction in a Television Comedy. The Van Vuuren brothers are currently in development on a series adaptation of SICK! for the US. Their work co-writing and directing 37 episodes of Bondi Hipsters, earned them a 2013 ADG Award for Best Direction in an Original Online Project, and the entire series was picked up for broadcast by ABC2 and JUICETV (New Zealand).

In 2014, their multi-platform comedy series Soul Mates - a spin-off including the infamous Bondi Hipsters - aired on the ABC. Soul Mates, a comedy bromance for the ages, is the story of two kindred spirits trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth. In 2016, the second series Soul Mates II, screened on ABC and iView. Connor and Christiaan were nominated for a 2017 ADG Award for Best Direction in a TV or SVOD Comedy Program for episode four of Soul Mates II. Since Soul Mates, Connor and Christiaan have directed comedy series Squinters and Sando for Jungle.

In addition to their own creative projects, they directed a number of sketches in The Elegant Gentlemen’s Guide to Knife Fighting for the ABC and Jungle. In the brand funded space, the Van Vuuren Bros have created work for brands including Coke, Sony, Ikea, AMEX, Unilever, and a short format series for Cadbury/MTV that won an Astra Award for Most Outstanding Use of STV in a Consumer Advertising Campaign.

Christiaan and Connor are currently in development on a number of television and feature projects.

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