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Suzie Miller is a multi-award winning Australian playwright who has been in residence and/or attached to the following theatres: Ex Machina Quebec for a month with Robert Lepage (2012), National Theatre in London (2011 and 2009), Ransom Theatre in Ireland (2009) and was the 2012 year long resident writer at Griffin Theatre in Australia (2012). She has most recently worked with the following companies: Sydney’s Griffin Theatre, Black Swan State Theatre Company, ATYP, Legs on the Wall, LIVE theatre in Newcastle UK, Oran M’or and the Perth Theatre in Scotland. She has also worked with The Frantic Assembly, Told By An Idiot in the UK and Theatre Gargantua in Toronto.

In 2012, two new plays were produced: The Sacrifice Zone, which premiered in Toronto and toured internationally; and Driving Into Walls at the Australian Perth International Festival, followed by the Sydney Opera House in 2013 and other international festivals. Other recent plays include Caress/Ache at the Griffin Theatre; Everything I Have at the Perth International Arts Festival, Sydney Opera House and touring Australia; DUST which premiered at the Heath Ledger Theatre with Black Swan Theatre Company in 2014; Overexposed which also opened in 2014; and, most recently, Medea at La Boite Theatre. Two Geordie Boys is being developed with LIVE Theatre Newcastle and Enlightening Entertainment London.

Amongst other awards and nominations Suzie has won the 2008 National Kit Denton Fellowship for writing with courage; shortlisted for the 2010 and 2008 Australian Writers Guild Award for drama, and currently nominated for two AWGIEs for 2013; shortlisted for the Griffin Award 2009; Winner of Inscription 2009; and 2006: mentored by Edward Albee 2009; Winner 2008 New York Fringe Festival ‘Overall Excellence Award for Outstanding Playwriting’ and in 2005 winner of the Theatrelab award. Her plays have won 9 equity awards, and Helpmann awards.


All the Blood and All the Water

Angel’s dad is a Muslim from Iraq, his mum is a second generation Australian of Italian heritage. His friends Ryder, Lola and Honey are all Anglo Aussies, while his family friends are from his dad’s culture. Despite a world of terrorist attacks, racial tension, wars and mounting local aggression, Angel finds himself falling in love. When Ryder’s older brother Jax is released from prison, there is suddenly pressure on Angel to choose between his two worlds, to choose a label as an ‘aussie’ or a ‘leb’, launching him into a war of his own. Young and struggling with his sense of self, he is faced with a calamitous betrayal where his own identity and loyalties are brought to the fore. All the Blood and All the Water is a play about how we define who we are and where we belong. In our new multicultural world when is blood thicker than water? And which blood is your truth?

4 males 20s
1 male 50s
2 females 20s

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A former high-flying surgeon can no longer bear to touch the living.
Two voices connect over the phone.
A desperate mother begs to embrace her son one last time.
An Arabic victim seeks atonement.
A young idealistic couple fight to reconnect after infidelity.
Disparate lives interweave, intersect, impact and connect.
A play for movement and words; where lives turn on the smallest moments of random intimacy.

6 female
4 male
5 Actors doubling on roles

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Cross Sections

Cross Sections goes beyond the neon buzz of the Coke sign and a tourist’s stroll along Darlinghurst Road and allows us to spend 24 hours in the Sydney’s quintessential ‘red light district’. A play that is populated by a parade of stunningly vulnerable characters, it explores the heart and soul of an underground community with rules of its own. There’s young rent boy Aaron, searching for The Goddess (Leeanne, a prostitute who breathed him back to life), David-the-married-with-kids city corporate who in turn is searching for Aaron. Lou picks up fares while runaways Amelia and Fung-Lee hatch a plan, and elderly Enid endlessly sweeps the streets.

24 characters - 15 males and 10 females
Can be played by 5 males and 4 females

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Driving Into Walls

Pashing, fighting, laughing, dancing and confessing … drawn from over 500 starkly honest and highly confidential interviews with Western Australian teens, this intimate and confronting play draws back the curtain on what it means to be young in our modern, media-driven society.

Five teenagers walk an emotional tightrope of online and offline relationships, colliding with one another and driving into the walls built around them. This daring, immersive production gives you a raw and voyeuristic view of their deepest secrets, rages, anxieties and hopes.

Suitable for 13+. Contains coarse language and sexual references.

Available in hard copy format from Playlab Press.


What would you do if the world outside changed in an instant? A great wind completely blankets Perth with red dust. Some believe that an apocalypse looms. But for others -– a man and his young step-daughter, two strangers stranded in an airport lounge, young lovers in a hotel suite, a bride-to-be watching her white wedding disintegrate -– the storm might be a gift.

Soon to be released as a hard copy by Currency Press.


When Medea fell for Jason, she fell hard. Hard enough to sacrifice everything to be with him. She deceived her father, committed murder, left the comforts of her homeland and bore him two sons.

So when a power-hungry Jason takes up with a younger woman, Medea’s humiliation quickly turns to revenge and a horrible plan is hatched. Nothing is off limits. No one is safe. Not even the children.

Available in hard copy format from Playlab Press.


onefivezeroseven opens wide the bedroom doors of Australian teenagers, allowing us into their inner sanctum. A very real look at everything they have, and everything they hope for. The crafting of raw content sourced directly from interviews with hundreds of Australian teenagers has culminated in a thrilling, brave and emotionally charged piece of theatre that’s sure to ignite conversations and challenge perceptions.

3 female performers

Available in hard copy format from Playlab Press.


Two rooms. One story. Nothing is private. Heading overseas to relax and recharge, Marisa just wants to get to the hotel and kick back. She waits at the airport, she’s impatient. What’s taking so long? Marisa’s being watched. What happens next will change her life forever. In separate rooms, both sides of the story will unfold at the same time – which will you see?

2 performers

Not currently available for purchase.

Reasonable Doubt

A story of relationships, betrayal and justice as two former jury members Ella and Julian meet up for a hot night of passion acting on previously undeclared feelings - the truth is not what it seems and amidst the sexual and psychological tension arise issues of loyalty, truth and betrayal with the final verdict being one on relationships generally.

Do we interpret the actions of others in ways that suit us or is there a universal we can rely on? Do we desire people for who they are or for who we perceive them to be? What is truth and do we ever really know the people we are involved with? In a world that is increasingly uncertain what is certain and what is just?

1 female performer 1 male performer

Available from https://australianplays.org

Roaring Silence

A horrific crime is committed sending shock waves through the victim’s family. The silence that engulfs the victims grand-daughter, 19 year old Cat, has its own eerie trauma. While the media and public express sensationalist horror those who new the victim have to come to terms with a new way of being in the world. Cat is ages 19, 20, 25 and 34. The journey that she takes is personal and eventful in the disturbing way that every victim of crime has to find a way to still live in the world as it now appears. Cat explores every part of her being - her sexuality, her desires, her past, her relationships and her country. Simultaneously exploring the excruciating and conflictual need for revenge, and the need to continue to exist in a now foreign world, it is a story that reveals the process of return.

1 female

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In this new age of materialism what have you sold to get ahead

Your dreams
Your values
Your relationships
Your soul???????

Anthony, Hilary, Stan, Jen and Mandy struggle with their own emotional lives and each are trying to ‘make it all work’, yet the further they retreat from something real the more they fall. While all aspiring to the great sale - what have they each relinquished to be a player in a world where money spells success - where positive thinking is the new religion? It is only in dealing with our own life tragedies and losses that we can be alive enough to be part of humanity generally. A bitingly funny and intensely acerbic look at real estate, relationships and run-away failure!

Male 1 - 30s/40s; Male 2 & 3 - 30s; Female 1 - 40s; Female 2 - 30s; Female 3 - 30s; Female 4 - 21
Female 2 and 3 can be played by the same actor

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In the countdown to Christmas the disappearance of a young boy rocks a small town community instigating a chain of events that will alter the lives of everyone involved. For Simon, the world he has built here was a second chance; though still ridden with guilt, in the eyes of the law he has paid for his mistake, but while close friends Camille and Lachlan grapple with their own truths and betrayals, Simon has successfully buried the truth of his past; even from Jessica, the woman he loves. Do we ever really know the people we love?

2 female performers 3 male performers

Available in hard copy format from Currency Press

Short Plays

Births, Deaths & Marriages

Angie and Vince both went to the same regional high school, were champs in the local spelling bee and were supposed to go to the high school formal together. Both left mysteriously for the big city. When they meet up by accident while stuck in a department store lift, they exchange the truths about why they left, share dark intimacies and grapple with their sense of identity and the possibility of return.

1 female 20s/30s
1 male 20s/30s

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Confused Sea Conditions

A comedy/drama about a woman with breast cancer and her doctor.
1 female performer 1 male performer

Not currently available for purchase.

Dreaming of a Kiss on a Pier

Comedy with 5 men meeting for lunch to dissect their loves, work, dates, texts etc.

5 male performer

Not currently available for purchase.

The Emotional Anatomy of a Relationship Breakdown

A comedy exploring relationship breakdown. Annabelle and Christopher have broken up! Once shifting power relationships are juggled through lust, romance, despair and remorse, is there finally some balance restored?

3 male performers
3 female performers

Available from


Staged as part of Going Bush under the umbrella of the inaugural AusNZ Festival of Literature and Arts. Challenged with responding to the theme ‘Going Bush’, Australia and New Zealand’s most inspiring playwrights produced a collection of short plays which were performed in the Bush Theatre Attic Space.

Not currently available for purchase.


6 schoolgirls are interviewed by an unseen police officer about their friend who has gone missing.

6 female performers

Not currently available for purchase.

Flight/Fright Mode

A comedy about the new age of flying unravelling the irrational fears based on race that we have about others.

1 female performers 1 male performers

Not currently available for purchase.

I Wrap My Arms Around You

From being miraculously saved from drowning as a baby, to meeting his soul mate and the circularity of life. This is the story of one man living by the ocean

30 minute play 3 female characters (played by 2 actors)
1 male character

Not currently available for purchase.


Snow White

This gripping reimagining of Grimm’s Snow White is as juicy as a poisoned apple and as bloody and brutal as deer-kill. At once enticing and confronting, this retelling will upend fairy-tale expectations, disturbingly blurring the boundaries of good and evil, beauty and ugliness, truth and lies, trust and betrayal, killer and prey.

Four musicians and four extraordinary singer/actors from styles spanning opera to rock join forces to create a musical and theatrical world that is sensual, immersive and evocative.

Don’t bring the children.

3-4 performers

Hard copy of the libretto is available from Playlab Press

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