Jim Howes


Jim Howes has more than twenty years’ experience writing for every form of media – print, TV, digital, web and film. His work has been published in several countries and has received a number of industry awards. Jim is known for his creative drive, his ability to see the overall scope of a project, to know where his contribution fits and to deliver polished, well-targeted text on time.

He has written and had published more than 100 books for children, teenagers and adults, won The Wilderness Award and been a recipient of the Australian Children’s Book Council Honour Listing. He has also guided through from concept to finished book over 400 books for all markets and more than a dozen of these have won national and international awards, ranging from the Australian Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing, through to a United Nations Humanitarian Award for a series on first nation peoples.

Jim was a key creative in the development of the award-winning television series, Lift Off, also serving as story editor and script editor for the first 52 episodes, and he currently has a number of projects in development, including an animation feature, The 8th Dwarf, and the live-action feature, Shadowman.

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