Duncan Sarkies

Two Little Boys

Published by Penguin Books (NZ)

This book has got a lot of good bits.
It’s got bogans and penguins and toasted sandwiches and spotting knives.
It’s got a dead cat and an awesome climax.
It’s got a really little dolphin.
It’s got hundreds of hard-ons.
It’s got sea lions.
It’s got God.
It’s got a really cool lighthouse.

When Nige runs over a Norwegian backpacker while attempting to save petrol, his life really turns to shit. He chucks the body in a nearby road works and runs to his best mate of fifteen years, Deano. Trouble is, Deano’s not really the guy you should turn to in a crisis. This off-kilter tale of male camaraderie is a bizarre debacle from start to thrilling finish.

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