Anna Feller

Anna Feller

A model, mum and wellness advocate, Anna is an inspiring modern day earth mother. Anna has been working as an international model since she was seventeen, living in Milan, Paris, Germany, Toronto, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and New York, before moving to Sydney where she now resides with her two year old son, Banjo Love. An upbringing in the Canadian country-side, followed by years of busy travel and work schedules, have instilled in Anna the benefits of ensuring health and wellness is prioritised in a busy life. Now with her focus on raising Banjo with the same values, Anna has launched the digital platform, Wilder by Anna Feller, to connect with and inspire other families to do the same.

Wilder by Anna Feller

Inspired by Anna’s childhood in the Canadian nature with her five siblings, Wilder is a hub of inspiration and information to guide parents in nurturing their families naturally with confidence. Wilder covers a variety of lifestyle content and issues, including nourishing recipes and inspiring family profiles, as well as fashion and beauty features produced with the signature Wilder aesthetic. Contributors include leading creatives such as Bec Parsons, Jody Pachniuk, Kane Skennar and Pierre Toussaint, with profiled talent to date including Teresa Palmer, Louise Van De Vorst, Vicki Lee and Tania Gacic.

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