Alice Mahran

With a penchant for discovering new places and the talents to take her there, Alice Mahran has graciously decided to call Sydney, Australia home.

Having spent over 6 years travelling the world as a wedding photographer she is recurrently praised for her work and has been awarded multiple times by the Masters of Dutch wedding photography. Embellishing her already stunning portfolio Alice’s short time in Australia is already leaving it’s mark, often being commissioned to take photographs of some of Australias most iconic and spotlighted bastions as well as help brands capture their exclusive events and products.

Her work has been published and associated with major brands such as Vogue NL, Bazaar, Sony Music, CollectiveHub, Cosmopolitan Bride and Food & Travel Magazine.

She’s a pure creative who has a calming and professional demeanour with the gift of capturing photographs that lure us in and have their own unique presence.

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